2020/2021 Terms & Conditions

  • At Music Lab we pride ourselves on being professional, punctual and on being focused on our student’s needs;

  • We are focused in elevating the standard of music education in Leeds by, not only providing high quality tuition, but also by bringing the very best educators in the world to Music Lab;

  • What we expect from our students is commitment, focus and passion for music and learning – and at least 30 minutes of practice a day;

  • There are different options when it comes to pricing:

  • £25 per lesson (30 minutes long, one on one) – PAY AS YOU GO 30

  • £40 per lesson (60 minutes long, one on one) – PAY AS YOU GO 60

  • £55 per lesson (90 minutes long, one on one) – PAY AS YO GO 90

    BEAR IN MIND THAT PAY AS YOU GO IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ONE-OFF LESSONS. Students can only book a maximum of 1 “pay-as-you-go” lessons per month. More than that will be considered to be weekly lessons and therefore, the rates are as follows:




STUDENTS CAN ONLY CHOOSE ONE PAYMENT MODEL. That means that if you choose to pay monthly, then you can’t go back to PAY-AS-YOU-GO, regardless of how many lessons you attend on a given month – e.g. if you know that you’ll only be attending two lessons on a given month.

  • When paying monthly, payment is in advance. Please bear in mind that you’re paying to reserve your weekly slot, not paying for the lessons you already had. Your membership starts on the same day of your 1st lesson and your standing order/direct debit should also reflect this.

  • Your payment renews on the same date every month. If you start your lessons on (for example) May 17th, then your 1st payment is due on May 17th and it renews automatically on June 17th and on the 17th of every month from then on.

  • Please set up a direct debit to avoid late payments – or use our direct debit forms.

  • Late payments (7 days after your membership renews) will incur in a small extra fee of £5 on top of your normal fee – unless previously agreed that the student/parent would pay at a later date;

  • If a payment is due for more than 3 weeks the student will lose its time slot becoming immediately available for another student that might be in the waiting list – any payments in arrears are to paid in full regardless;

  • STUDENTS CAN NOT START & STOP THEIR MEMBERSHIPS – In other words, if the student decides to stop their membership, he or she will not be able to restart their membership for another 7 months. If you wish to stop taking lessons for a month and then resume your lessons, you will need to keep your direct debit/standing order/automatic payments rolling out. Frozen memberships are available for 40% less than on-going memberships. Consult with us for more details.

  • TASTER LESSONS - Taster lessons are paid in full unless you’re told otherwise or if we are running a deal or promotional campaign. Once you sign up and purchase your first full month of lessons, the value of the taster lesson will be deducted from your first full payment.Taster lesson - £20 (paid in advance)

  • Taster lessons are to be paid up until 48 hours prior to the date of the lesson, failure to do so will result in cancellation of booking.

  • First month of lessons is £100 instead of £120.


  • If you need to cancel a lesson please do it 48h before the lesson’s day so we can arrange a compensation lesson – cancellations without a 48 hours’ notice result in no make-up lesson;

  • We will limit the number of make-up lessons to 1 per month and a maximum of 8 per year. This will avoid congesting the schedule by moving too many lessons around and will also avoid too many weeks when our teachers end up doing overtime.

  • We love to be flexible and we want you to feel like you’ve got the freedom to discuss compensations with us but we do need to take our teachers’ working hours as well.

  • Make-up lessons must be scheduled within 30 days of the missed lesson;

  • We will need to be notified of an upcoming cancellation for you to be eligible for a make-up lesson.

  • Please bear in mind that we might not be able to reschedule your lesson or at least not in the week following your cancellation. Our schedule is quite busy and we might not have the availability to book double lessons.

  • If a teacher misses a lesson, however, we guarantee a make-up lesson (usually in advance) or a full refund in case we are not capable of rescheduling the missed lesson. No exceptions.

  • If the student doesn’t show up for their lesson without warning that lesson will be charged normally as though you had shown up;

  • If the teacher can’t make the lesson you will NOT be charged and a compensation lesson will be arranged;

  • Make-up lessons will be arranged – as long as the 48h notice policy is respected – but bear in mind that we might not be able to find a suitable time due to our busy schedule. We will do our best but we can’t guarantee compensation lessons.

  • There are no refunds for missed lessons – even if the 48 hours’ notice was respected;

  • Make-up lessons due to teacher’s fault will be arranged within a week – if we can’t find a suitable time you’ll have that lesson’s fee refunded to you;

  • If the students misses his make-up lesson this lesson will not be rescheduled;

  • Regular cancellations – more than 10 a year – will result in permanent cancellation of the student’s time slot;

  • There are no discounts or refunds during the holidays – those lessons are compensated during the year (5 weeks-months cover for holiday breaks); Each month you pay for 4 lessons – but if you take 5 lessons in one month you don’t pay extra. Why? Each year that is 48 lessons, but there are at least 52 weeks in the year. So when payment is made in the holidays, it covers the extra lessons given within the 5 week months - in 2016 there were 5 months that were 5-weeks long (January, April, July, September, December) so instead of charging you extra on those months, we just keep the payment the same all year. Otherwise you'd pay £27.5 more whenever you had 5-hour lessons in a month. This way, it keeps the monthly price the same (NO SURPRISES!), spreading the costs for you and sometimes, you even get a few free lessons a year out of it;

  • Refunds will only be issued when the teacher misses your lesson and only when the student and teacher can’t find a suitable time and day for a compensation lesson. Lessons that the student didn’t attend are not refundable;

  • You can cancel your membership whenever you wish but we do appreciate a 30-day notice – failure to do so might result in extra charges;

  • No refunds are given for cancelled memberships – even if you choose to not finish your month of lessons.

  • If you cancel your membership before your 1st lesson, no refunds will be issued;


  • If a student tests positive for COVID-19, then we can continue your lessons online if you so wish to do so whilst you quarantine.

  • If a teacher tests positive, we will also be able to offer online lessons or we will hire a substitute teacher to cover your lessons whilst your teacher recovers/quarantines.

  • If the government orders us to close our doors to in-person, we will continue to offer lessons via Zoom/Skype.

  • The Academy closes during the following periods:

  • July 16th to August 1th (Summer Break)

  • December 16th to January 2nd (New Year’s break)

  • All our students have 24/7 support from us to help you with your practice during the week – you can contact us using our website and we’ll make sure you’ll have your response in less than 12 hours.

  • To attend our lessons is proof of agreement with these terms and conditions and none of the terms above are negotiable. Your signature is not required in order for us to enforce these terms.