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You trust us with your musical education... So we reward you!

Every 6 months, you will be able to unlock rewards! See what these can be below...

Here's a concise list of the loyalty program rewards:

1. 6 Months: Customized thank you note and surprise gift.
2. 12 Months: Free access to select classes for a month.
3. 18 Months: Discount coupons for musical instruments or merchandise.
4. 24 Months: Special workshop or class access.
5. 30 Months: Personalized merchandise, like mugs or t-shirts.
6. 36 Months: VIP access to special events.
7. 42 Months: One-on-one session with our director on musicianship and mastery.
8. 48 Months: Feature in our newsletter or website.
9. 54 Months: Special achievement award and an extra month of free lessons.
10. 60 Months: Lifetime discount or membership upgrade.

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