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The Teacher Manifesto



We do not believe in talent. We believe in limitless opportunities. Talent is a biased word that positions some students above others by means of “natural” predispositions. That is not our mindset. We defend the idea of effort and patience.


We believe that EVERYONE can learn. No matter the pace. No matter the method. We are educators and it is our job to find the route to our students’ learning processes, whilst supporting them to find their own path to success.


We do not just focus on progress. We don’t just focus on results and we do not just focus on outcome. Instead, we focus too on process. We encourage our students to stay focused on enjoying the learning journey. Effort is to be rewarded. Results with no effort is luck. Effort with no results is also education.


Always think long term. Always aim at becoming disposable. Ego is the enemy and education is the only driver. Don’t create dependents but instead, create thinkers. Meta-thinkers.

Treat each lesson as if it were your last and think carefully about each word, each instruction, each life lesson.


We champion curiosity over certainty. In a world eager to label and limit, we stand for exploration and inquiry. Curiosity fuels our educational ethos, empowering students to venture beyond the familiar. It's not about having all the answers—it's about nurturing the quest for knowledge.


We embrace resilience as the cornerstone of learning. The path to mastery is fraught with challenges and setbacks. We teach our students to see failure not as a defeat, but as a vital step towards growth. Through resilience, we cultivate a mindset that thrives on perseverance and adaptation.


We are committed to inclusivity in every chord and melody. Learning is a universal right, transcending backgrounds, abilities, and identities. Our approach is tailored, recognizing and celebrating the unique journey of each student. Inclusivity is our melody, harmony, and rhythm.


We value the power of collaboration, understanding that education thrives on diversity of thought and experience. Learning is a shared journey, where students and educators alike contribute to a symphony of ideas. Together, we explore, create, and discover.


We place creativity at the heart of our teachings. In a scripted world, we encourage improvisation. Creativity isn't just about artistry; it's about thinking differently, solving problems, and expressing individuality. We foster an environment where creativity knows no bounds.


We emphasize the importance of reflection in the learning process. It's through reflection that we gain insights, understand our progress, and envision our future. Reflection is our compass, guiding us through the landscapes of education and self-discovery.


We strive to empower our students, instilling in them the confidence to pursue their passions and goals. Empowerment is the key that unlocks potential, transforming learners into leaders, and dreamers into doers. We don't just teach; we inspire a generation to make their mark on the world.

In essence, The Teacher Manifesto is a declaration of our unwavering commitment to education that transcends traditional boundaries. It is a pledge to foster an environment where every student can flourish, powered by a belief in endless possibilities and driven by a passion for lifelong learning.

Joao Figueiredo


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