Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a total beginner. What will I learn? 

Quite simple. You will learn EVERYTHING you need to know about drumming. From coordination, to styles, to keeping a steady tempo and reading drum notation, we will cover everything!

Why should I set up a direct debit/standing order? Can’t I just pay cash?

Quite simply: you save money. Plus, you can just set it and forget it. But look at how much you can save when you set a standing order:


prices harrogate.png

Do I get a discount when we go on holiday breaks?

No. You pay the same year-round (no surprises!) and you get exactly what you paid for – and sometimes you even get 1 or 2 free lessons a year!

To sum up: you pay for 48 lessons a year and the year has 52 lessons. Those 4 “extra” weeks are our holidays.

How much should I practice to see results?

Definitely on a daily basis. I would recommend a minimum of 30 minutes a day but you’ll definitely see more progress when you practice 1 hour (or more) a day.

Do you teach group lessons?

We believe that as humans we are fundamentally unique and that requires that my approach to teaching each student needs to be equally unique and exclusively tailored to you and your own pace.


However, we do have group classes that are specifically designed to work with a small group of students. For example: Sunday Workshops (for drummers), Music Lab (for all musicians), Music 4 Kidz (for children between the ages of 3 and 8 years old) and Guitar Lab (for guitarists).

What happens if I can’t make it to my lesson?

We always do our best to re-arrange lessons but due to our busy schedule we can’t always guarantee that we’ll be able to re-schedule a missed lesson. There are no refunds or credit.

Are taster lessons free?

No. Taster lessons are paid in full. However, that payment will be deducted once you purchase your first full month of lessons. Pay-as-you-go students will not get refunds/deductions.


To reschedule a trial lesson all you need to do is give us 48 hours notice - no notice or given with less than 48 hours before your lesson will require a rescheduling fee of £10.