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Music Lab at Schools

Music Lab is a new educational project that has one single goal: to bridge the gap between music education and students. We believe that a relationship with the Arts is crucial to development of cognitive, social and humanistic skills and we are driven by the idea of teaching students of all ages, all levels and all backgrounds how to learn through music.  


We proudly work alongside some of the best schools in Yorkshire and we would like to work with your child's school too.


We understand that running extra-curricular activities is becoming more and more difficult for schools and we intend to take that responsibility off the schools' your already extremely busy agendas.


What we offer:

  • 1-on-1 instrumental lessons;

  • Group lessons

    • Guitar Lab

    • Music 4 Kidz

    • Choir

    • Samba Bands

    • Music Lab/Rock Lab

    • Ukulele Club

  • DBS tutors with at least 2 years of teaching experience;

  • Preparation for all the major grade exams;

  • Preparation and support for Music GCSEs;

  • A strong focus on mindset, self-development and self-discovery;

  • A fun, positive and growth mindset oriented culture that will support your students in a holistic manner, that way improving their academic results not only in the Arts but across all subjects.



We can and will also take care of all the administrative side of things and we are committed to working alongside the school’s ethos. We wish to become part of the culture and of the community, for we believe that only by understanding people we can, too, educate and support them.

We also recognize that to offer extra-curricular activities that demonstrate clear results and an improvement in academic achievements reflects very well on the OFSTED rankings and we wish to support your school in that regard as well.

Wish to implement our music programs at child's school? You can contact their Head Teacher and/or Head of Music and get us in touch with them. 

Do you work for a school/academy? Get in touch at and we'll send you all the details regarding our music services program.

Music Lab... Bridging The Gap Between Music And Students.

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