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We're sorry to hear you wish to leave Music Lab...

On this page, we can help you with your membership and make sure you get the assistance you need.

Musician Silhouette

Are you sure?

We've learnt that often our members cancel their memberships and their journeys with music due to circumstances outside of their control - money, timings, etc...

Are you sure we can't help? :)

Playing Piano

Is money tight?

Don't worry. We are here to help. Before cancelling your membership, get in touch with us and see if we can support you. We have helped dozens of students with discounted memberships and even FREE sponsored memberships for those in need.

Speak to us about your discounted membership!


Is it a schedule thing?

We have many options when it comes to group classes - and even our private lessons offer quite a bit of flexibility - get in touch with us and we'll do our best to offer you a better time slot.

Electric Guitar

100% Sure? Ok...

In case you're definitely certain that you wish to leave us, simply click the button below and send us your cancellation notice. Any feedback you may have would be deeply appreciated, too.

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