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Music Lab is committed to make education accessible to all. For that reason, we are launching our Music Lab Sponsorship Program!

Who is this for?

Our scholarships are aimed at children from less privileged backgrounds from all areas of Leeds.

What is the criteria?

Families who wish to apply must be on benefits (Universal Credit) and be able to provide evidence of financial hardship.

Sponsorships only apply to our group classes - unfortunately, we cannot cover the cost of private lessons yet.

What do we expect from the applicants?


We do not require previous musical experience to apply. However, students must be able to demonstrate a passion for learning and the ability to show progress over time.

Applications are reviewed every 12 months and new evidence may be required in order to renew your sponsorship.

We expect our sponsored students to be role models of growth mindset and they must represent Music Lab's standards and values at all times.




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