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Vic Firth KIDS

Vic Firth KIDS

£9.00 Regular Price
£7.00Sale Price

Designed with budding musicians in mind, the Vic Firth Kidsticks are the perfect introduction to the world of drumming for the young enthusiast. Crafted to fit smaller hands comfortably, these sticks bridge the gap between aspiring drummers and their first rhythms. Made from high-quality materials, they mirror the durability and quality Vic Firth is known for, but with a size and weight tailored for kids' ease of use. Their lightweight nature facilitates a gentle learning curve, encouraging proper technique without the strain. The non-slip grip ensures that even the most enthusiastic sessions won’t end in dropped sticks. Whether it's a rock groove or a simple beat, the Vic Firth Kidsticks help transform budding interest into a lifelong passion for music. Ignite your child's drumming journey with these specially designed sticks, and watch them develop rhythm, coordination, and joy for music.

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